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7 Reasons All Christians Should Observe the Sabbath

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It won’t just happen.  Time alone with God is in direct competition with the world.   With 24 hour gyms and restaurants, DVRs to record all the TV you could ever want, the ubiquity of the internet, energy drinks at every register, and a culture that says “sleep when you die,” the restoration God designed by commanding we honor the Sabbath Day continues to diminish and will one day be non-existent.  So just in case you need convincing, here are 7 reasons to steal away.

7 Reasons

The Sabbath is not about doing nothing.  The Sabbath is about restoring your inner being so that you can operate from a place of mental and spiritual clarity.  What do you give, if you’re empty?  How can you offer help if your source is depleted?  So whether you schedule 15 mins a day, one day a week, or a weekend every month, guard your time with God and watch Him make you a better servant, friend, and minister of the gospel!


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