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7 Habits of an Effective Minister

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With churches on just about every block, faith-based television, gospel radio programming, and more gospel groups than I can count (hey, I’m in one of them!) one would think that the prevalence of ministries would reflect a prevalence of believers, who were strong in their faith and committed to building the Kingdom.  But according to polling research, the Christian share of the population is rapidly declining in the United States.  Since there are plenty of ministries to reach the lost, the problem must reside, not in the lack of ministries, but the efficacy of ministry.

So how do we become effective ministers?

There’s no better case study than the life of Jesus.  His 3-year ministry took the world by storm and empowered His disciples to continue His work, resulting in the explosive birth and upsurge of Christianity.  Using the book of Matthew as a reference and Jesus as the ultimate example, here are the 7 habits of an effective minister.

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