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How Do You Walk the Talk?

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It is so easy to become spiritually complacent, but yet continue to go through the motions of looking the part.  In a world where the appearance of reality is more important than reality itself, we, as the people of God, have to maintain our sincerity.  Sincerity is the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.

Religiosity tells us to go to church.  It tells us to systematically wake up and pray.  It tells us to learn the Word of God by heart.  All of these things are great things to do.  However, a relationship with Christ transforms our hearts and the power He promises us through this relationship transforms our lives (Acts 1:8).   So when we are tested, we don’t just quote peace scriptures but we actually have peace.  So when the tough gets going we don’t just look happy, we actually have joy.  So when we are burdened we don’t just say God is my help, we actually believe it.

Our walk must reflect what we speak.  If we speak life, and our walk doesn’t exemplify life (the life of Christ) we must go back to the drawing board.  If we speak faith, but we give up at the sight of any problem, we must go back to the drawing board.  If we speak holiness, but yet we find ourselves yielding to temptation, we must go back to the drawing board.  Our everyday life is the truest sign of what we believe and who we serve.

So let’s search ourselves.  Let’s be held accountable for our actions.  Let’s measure our lives with the Word.  And if and when we find something that doesn’t align, let’s go back to drawing board.  Let’s go back to where we found Christ.  Let’s fall in love all over again.  Let’s keep Him as our highest priority.  Let’s love what He loves and hate what He hates.  Time out for deception and pretense.  Time out for the appearance of Godliness.  It’s time to WALK THE TALK!


How do you Walk the Talk?




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