God’s Chosen (GC3) began their formal vocal training at each of their individual churches in St. Louis, Missouri.  As active members of their choirs and praise teams they were taught the discipline and ministry of Gospel music in their youth.  However, it was not until Zebrina Anderson, Nikeisha Whittier, and Sarah Stephens, met in high school that their years of training proved to serve a greater purpose.

Music has always been a backdrop in the lives of the members of God’s Chosen so it’s no wonder they met in the Concert and Gospel Choir at McCluer High School.  Their choir teacher chose a group of about six students to perform a complicated piece for a Christmas Concert, and continued to use them for events thereafter.  This group gained acclaim for their use of rich harmonies and intricate melodies but more importantly fostered the bond that would eventually form God’s Chosen.

GC3-bIn 2002, after being urged by their choir teacher, an even smaller group, decided to compete in the annual Six Flags Gospel Day Competition and were recognized for the first time as “God’s Chosen.”  Being the last to perform, they knew the chances were not in their favor but to their surprise they beat their competition.  They were awarded a cash prize and granted the opportunity to open up for Yolanda Adams on the main stage!

Astounded by the overwhelming response, God’s Chosen embraced their gifting and began to minister at youth services, conferences, and musicals throughout the city.  After graduating high school and attending different colleges, three of the original group members managed to remain friends and ministry partners,  adopting the moniker “GC3.”  Their first full project, “Love Ever After” was released in 2006 and is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.  Their sophomore album “1&6,” released December 23, 2013, presents a myriad of styles such as guitar-laced worship (“Whatever it Takes”), soulful gospel (“Never Forget It”) and urban grooves (“Free” and “Even Now”).  This is what defines their sound as a group; many styles with one message.

As writers and arrangers, God’s Chosen ministers as firsthand witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their unforgettable blend of harmony, soulful tones, and fusion of genres attract all age groups and demographics making them true trailblazers in the world of Gospel music.  It is their sincere desire to touch every heart, inspire the mind, and stir the soul of every listener.  They are living testimonies of the faithfulness of God and will not relent until the whole world hears.


    1. Thanks Sarah J! We appreciate your encouragement. We just released our latest single called “Grace is Running” Check it out if you can!

  1. I Love And Celebrate You GC3. Your Songs(like He’s There, Redeemed, I Will Never Forget, Love Medley) Have Been Soul Lifting. May God Continue To Bless And Uplift You.

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