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4 Steps to Conquering 2017: Avoiding King Herod’s Mistakes


During this holiday season I challenged myself to read the Christmas story as if I were reading it for the first time.  All the likely characters stood out; Mary, Joseph, the Wisemen.  But as I continued to read, another character stood out, King Herod the Great.  The more I studied him the more I saw myself.  I noticed[…]

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2 Life Lessons from a Wife of 2 Years


Two days ago, my husband, Bio, and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  That’s equivalent to about 12 ‘single years.’  Seriously, marriage is like taking a crash course on everything I thought I knew.   I’ve learned so much I often feel like I can start my own counseling practice. […]

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3 Ways to Measure Effective Ministry


    Usually I write about what I know.  I write to bear witness of a lesson learned.  I write to testify about an answered prayer.  This blog post, however, is a work in progress.  Centered around something I don’t always get right: the measurement of effective ministry. Growing up in[…]

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When Dreams Become Idols


What happens to dreams deferred?  Proverbs says it makes the heart sick.  Langston Hughes suggests it sags like a heavy load.  But I say it leads to a splitting path of covert idolatry or total surrender.  I’ve stood at this crossroads for years.  Praying.  Crying.  Praising.  Waiting.  But with the[…]

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5 Steps to Obliterate Shame


“She never gives me {insert expletive}!” Oh my God, did I just curse?  Wait.  What? It felt like a cheat day on a diet, so wrong and so right all at the same time.  There I was, 9 years old, boiling in anger, and out comes sin.  I was being[…]

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3 Habits That Paralyzed My Faith

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You only have to attend 2 1/2 church services to grasp the importance of faith.  And yet after countless services, conferences, and revivals I found myself overcome with frustration regarding faith and how often it failed to…well…work.  Faith is a lofty term but is essentially complete confidence in something or[…]

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The Misuse of God: What’s In Your Bag?

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It’s as if I got a gift bag.  You know, like the one everyone raves about at the Oscars.  I walked down the aisle, received Christ as my Savior and went home with a bag full of popular notions and costly expectations. In my bag was the idea that with[…]

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